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About Us

Welcome to Midnight Oil, an apparel brand of high fashion, high quality, functional, neutral staples for professional women. Our collection is guided by principles of minimalism, monochromatic styling and a sophisticated simplicity that brings its wearer an attitude of je ne sais quoi.

It is our goal to help women feel like they could own the room in the clothes they’re wearing. We believe that the power of a blazer alone can help a woman stand taller and project an air of confidence, knowing that she’s got this! It takes effort to make it look effortless, so we are here to help. We are a design company and we are also personal stylists.

Our design aesthetic is inspired by the rich culture and architecture of Paris and New York, as well as chic street fashion. We have an admiration for the women who project an innate sense of style, despite the fact that their small urban closets demand a minimal collection of timeless staples that transcend seasons and fads.

With the influence of menswear, we source fine mens' suiting wools, old world craftsmanship and personalization, because women can choose their design details, too. We challenge the historic menswear fabric mills, because why is it called "menswear fabric?” Gentlemen, women wear suits, too, and we celebrate working women: Women who somehow carry it all on their plates and need something to be easier. We want to give women a break- a formula- for styling looks from a simplified wardrobe of stylish neutrals that last, and plenty of pockets to skip the handbag if she so chooses. We may have borrowed fabric, functionality, tailoring and personalization from men, but we have reimagined it for women with asymmetric angles, flattering lines and feminine cuts.

With our made-to-order business model, women have the opportunity to choose the right length for their garments, and the chance to choose their buttons, lining and threads to express their personal style. We want to help women plan ahead and build their wardrobes, so that when important meetings arise, the armour is ready.