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Flare Trouser

by Midnight Oil

Regular price $325.00

Flare Trouser

by Midnight Oil

Regular price $325.00


Order as is, or personalize to choose your best flare trouser length for a better fit.

Questions regarding fit, lengths, or style? Would you like to further personalize with special design details? Check out our Design Detail Guide and schedule an appointment with a stylist who can walk you through the process to help make your pants yours. For quick questions, please feel free to send us an email.

With or without a blazer, the long, lean trouser with its sharp crease will make your legs go on forever! Choose from 6 different length options (or you may request a custom length, or order your trouser unhemmed to get your perfect length at your local tailor.) See our size guide for reference.  We recommend coordinating your trouser length with your favorite heel height, and going as long as you can, until the fabric stops on top of your foot and covers about half your heel. Added Style Tip: pointed toe shoes at the end of the crease will visually increase this elongated look. Sometimes the je ne sais quoi is all about trompe l’oeil, fooling the eye!

To help determine the length you’d like, measure the inseam of a pant in your closet (wide leg if possible) and compare with your desired heel height.

In between sizes?  We've decided to offer odd and even sizes, just in case!

Feel free to book a call with us to discuss helpful tips!

100% Wool

Year-round weight luxury Italian wool with natural stretch


Great for travel

Additional Information

Crafted in the European Union

Dry Clean Only (Only minimal dry cleaning is recommended with fine wools. Unless your garments are dirty, it’s preferable to brush your suiting pieces with a suit brush and hang in your closet without plastic and with plenty of space for the wool fibers to breathe and air out.)

Front pockets close with invisible zippers to avoid pocket flare at hips

Extra hidden pocket in back waistband seam

Thoughtful seam lines for a flattering look

Interior waistband grip to hold tucked shirt in place

Extra seam allowances for ease in alterations, just in case

Designed for a long, lean look

6 Options for pant length

Please inquire to learn more about personalization options, and schedule a video call with a Personal Stylist to receive help with your order!

  • Julia

    Height: 5'6"

    Sleeve Length: 24"

    Jacket Length: 25.5"

    Ankle Pant Length:  29.5”

    Flare Trouser Length: 33.5”

    Julia, Black Blazer

  • Katie

    Height: 5'10"

    Sleeve Length: 25"

    Jacket Length: 27"

    Ankle Pant Length: 31"

    Flare Trouser Length: 35”

    Model Katie

  • Alina

    Height: 5'10"

    Sleeve Length: 24.5"

    Jacket Length: 26"

    Ankle Pant Length: 32"

    Flare Trouser Length: 36”

  • Eva

    Height: 5'10"

    Sleeve Length: 24.5"

    Jacket Length: 26"

    Ankle Pant Length: 32"

    Flare Trouser Length: 37”

  • Kailani

    Height: 5'10.5"

    Sleeve Length: 24.5"

    Jacket Length: 26"

    Ankle Pant Length: 32"

    Flare Trouser Length: 37”

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Thoughtful seams and pockets that zip to create a flattering look.

Choose from 6 different lengths between Extra Short and Extra Tall, or Unhemmed.

Inseam pocket at back waistband is convenient for holding a cell phone, credit card or even a microphone battery pack for your next speaking engagement.